About Us

AlBeeNa is different to most companies. We work with dedicated beekeepers and the best researchers, keeping our great reputation and high-quality products, so thousands of people continue to choose AlBeeNa every day.

Our values include respecting nature and the nutritional power of pure apiculture products, using top research to lead the industry with environmentally safe technologies. Since the launch of the first AlBeeNa product in 2010, we continue to test ingredients, recipes, and invest in developing new formulas for our customers.

Our products come from healthy and well-grown bees, from apiaries in unpolluted areas rich in spontaneous flora. Because of this, every product extracted from the hive will result in the best conditions with all properties remaining. These are available on our site, or from any of our partner stores.

Taste a drop of goodness from the bees.

Press releases

AlBeeNa launch ground-breaking apitherapeutic store in UK

Premium bee product company , AlBeeNa have launched their UK store, announcing fresh bee pollen as one of their pioneering products. Working... read more

16.05.2019 • By Biomondia Ltd